Observer launches revamped website

Our news websites are getting an overhaul this week.

Unified Newspaper Group will have new websites, including The site will still have all your news and photos plus new features.

Our websites will be going in the direction many news sources are, which will be to have a paywall for some premium content. Not everything will be behind the wall, and people who choose not to pay will have access to some content, as well as an allotted number of articles to read.

But for those that do sign up, you will receive full access to an unlimited number of articles, videos, access to special sections and more.

There will also be an additional website added for our quarterly magazine, Your Family.

Here are some other things to expect.

New design
The websites will be designed to please the eye with the top stories on a slideshow with the main photo. Our new look will be more modern, clean and user friendly.

The content from the previous websites will be the same, but there will be more and it will be easier to navigate.

Don’t worry about paywall yet
Although we are changing to a paywall, we will transition slowly to give everyone a chance to sign up.

At first, more content will be available, but that will change as time passes. Updates will still be unlimited.

Easier to buy photos
All of our photos will be easier to purchase and will have a chance for digital downloads and/or mail. You can purchase them right from the websites, and they will be mailed to you if you choose that option.
Therefore, you can receive photos quicker and at your convenience.

The websites will also allow for sharing of stories and photos on your Facebook and Twitter feeds right from the websites.

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