OHS students raise money for Norland memorial bench

Photos submitted. Classmates and friends of Allyson Norland helped raise money for this custom-made memorial bench, which will be placed in her honor at Oregon High School.

For her many classmates and friends from the Oregon High School Class of 2016, Allyson Norland’s memory will live on with them for the rest of their lives. 

Now, Norland’s memory will live on at the school, as well. 

Last spring, a group of Class of 2016 students set up a fundraiser to raise money for their class, but more importantly – also to gather funds to purchase a custom-made bench to honor Norland after she was killed in a car accident in Oregon on Feb. 11.

OHS students sold and delivered water salt softener to dozens of homes around the community to raise money for the bench, which was designed and created by Rich Fizzell of Prairie Art Metal in Brooklyn. 

The bench’s final resting place has yet to be determined and will be based on OHS renovation plans. 


Swan Creek Sewing Circle marks 100 years

Photos submitted. The current members of the Swan Creek Sewing Circle, which marks 100 years on Dec. 1, gathered at Quivey’s Grove in Fitchburg on Oct. 7 to celebrate. Pictured front row from left: Betty Blaney* Guy, Marie Uphoff* Nobbs, Bea Larsen, Barbara Stoneman, Carole Kinney and Debbie Larsen* Henke. Pictured on the stairs from left: Kay Kinney, Gina Kinney Barden, Mary Kay Clark (Culp*), Patti Clark Berkan (Culp*) and Margie Blaney.* Not pictured is Evelyn Gundlach Paus (Lalor*). *Charter family names

On Dec. 1, 1915, a group of rural women from Fitchburg and Dunn townships started a new tradition: a sewing club. Generations of these women have been meeting the first Wednesday of each month for the last 100 years.

The first meeting was held at the home of Amanda Culp with the idea of organizing a social club to break the monotony of everyday farm life. The theme of their club would be “neighborliness.” 

Fifteen women were present at that first meeting in December, and by February there were 30. Since the club started in the Swan Creek school district, it seemed appropriate to call it “Swan Creek Sewing Circle.” 

Farm women were busy and saw little of their neighbors back then. A club would give them the opportunity to chat, share stories, help one another with their mending, make quilts for warmth and assist the hostess in any way they could.


Panthers vs. Cancer

Maia Beirne is a high school sophomore with a friendly manner and easy smile, but she isn’t afraid of picking a fight with a bully. 

Any time, any place. 

The Oregon High School sophomore, whose family moved to Oregon from Green Bay in August, has started a new group, “Panthers Versus Cancer,” at the school to raise funds and awareness. It’s an extension of an organization at her former high school, “Sting Cancer” at Green Bay Preble, which was started by a teacher there who was battling cancer.

Beirne, who stopped by the Observer office Monday afternoon to chat about the program, said she had been a part of the group since she was in sixth grade. She had planned to be an adviser this year before her family moved to Oregon, and her fellow group members in Green Bay encouraged her to keep the group going. 


Home is where the food is

Photo by Kate Newton. Lucy Zweep joined the Oregon Area Senior Center in August as its new nutrition manager.

When Lucy Zweep took over as nutrition manager at the Oregon Area Senior Center in August, she set about making the center’s dining room a place that visitors could feel at home while sitting down to share a meal.

“When I came here, I wanted to make sure that everyone who came in … felt like it was their kitchen,” Zweep said. “I want them to feel that it’s more of a homey atmosphere rather than a facility of any sort.”

Zweep said she typically serves about 16 people every weekday for lunch at the center, with meals delivered to about 25 homes daily as well. But at a Veterans Day lunch held at the center last week, Zweep decked out the room in red, white and blue and served about 64 people. 

She plans to create a festive environment for the center’s Thanksgiving meal on Nov. 20 as well.

“If people don’t have a big event in their life, this is the big event: Coming to (eat),” Zweep said.


Photos: 14 South Artists fine art fair

14 South Artists held a fine art fair Saturday, Nov. 14, at Firefly Coffeehouse in downtown Oregon. The artists were on hand to share and discuss their work with visitors. 14 South Artists will return to Firefly Dec. 5 and 6.


Photos: Oregon High School presents "Little Shop of Horrors"

Oregon High School put on a production of “Little Shop of Horrors” last weekend, telling the tale of a flower shop assistant who discovers an unusual plant that feasts only on human flesh and blood.


Photos: Saddling up for the holidays

Riders and horses alike donned fun and festive costumes for the annual Holiday Horse Parade in downtown Oregon on Saturday, Nov. 14. 


Photos: Veterans Day ceremony in downtown Oregon

The veterans of Oregon-Brooklyn VFW Post 10272 and American Legion Post 160 gathered to hold the annual Veterans Day ceremony for the public on Wednesday, Nov. 11, in downtown Oregon.


Asked and Answered: What’s happening at the Jaycee Park walking paths?

Photo by Samantha Christian. Construction continued Monday between the high school and ice arena east of North Perry Parkway.

Question: As a longtime resident of Oregon and heavy user of the walking paths in Jaycee Park-east, I would love to know what is going on in that area regarding the construction. Several large trees have been removed and walking paths dismantled. 

Is this related to the Perry Parkway road connection, or are additional sport fields being created? 

Answer: The Oregon School District has hired a contractor to install new stormwater pipes underneath Jaycee Park-east in an effort to reduce the amount of water that enters the village’s stormwater system.


Photos: Oregon Area Senior Center Auction

The Oregon Area Senior Center hosted a public auction Saturday, Nov. 7. Items sold included gift certificates to local restaurants, art and house appliances.


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