Catapault Science Lab photos

Oregon Public Library held a Science Lab on Monday with the theme “Catapults.” Children made catapults out of craft sticks, rubber bands and the bottom of paper cups. They also built forts to launch the puff balls over. The next Science Lab will be held Monday, Aug. 11, at 1 and 2:30 p.m. with the theme “Robots.”


Fun can be a mess

Photos by Scott Girard. Michael Schliem, 10, looks on as the slime stretches down from one hand to the other.

Kids got a chance to get a little messy Friday afternoon at the Oregon Public Library with “Gross Stuff” at the monthly Fuss With Stuff event. The kids played with slime, “blood” and “bird poop,” all made with household ingredients.


Submit photos from Dane County Fair

The Courier Hub is looking for submitted photographs from the Dane County Fair of area youths’ participation. If you have a camera, bring it along and snap a few photos. We’re looking for mostly individuals with their animals or projects, whether youth are showing them, getting them ready or turning them in. 

We will run these photos in our annual Dane County Fair section in the July 31 edition.

Posed and non-posed photos are OK, however, we like “action shots” whenever possible. Group photos are also good, too. 

Please include a brief description of what’s happening in the photo, the first and last name of the youth in the photo, and what organization they are from. 


Zoo to you

Photos by Scott Girard. Valentina Rizzo, 7, of Woodbury, Minn., pets a black-footed ferret, an animal that the animal ambassadors said can be a pet, but often gets into sticky situations like climbing inside a Lazyboy chair. Rizzo and her brother Antonio, 11, were visiting their grandmother at the senior center.

The Henry Vilas Zoo sent some animal ambassadors and their animals to the Oregon Senior Center July 11. The program’s attendees had a chance to pet many of the animals, including a lizard and a ferret, and learn about the animals from the ambassadors.


Focused on fun

Photo by Samantha Christian. Faith Majors-Culp is rarely seen without a smile while competing in 4-H shooting sports. She is pictured behind a bow after a pre-fair indoor archery round June 28 at the Stoughton Conservation Club.

“Don’t Be Hatin’ Because I Shoot Like A Girl,” is printed in bold letters on the neon yellow shirt worn by Faith Majors-Culp. The 14-year-old steps to the line in her pink shoes, hair tie and ear protectors, yells “pull” and fires off five rounds with her shotgun at the Stoughton Conservation Club.

Majors-Culp was not intimidated by the boys next to her while shooting trap, one of eight classes she entered for the Dane County Fair last month. The other events included outdoor 3D archery, indoor archery, muzzleloader, .22 pistol, air pistol, .22 rifle and air rifle. 

Although the fair officially kicked off Wednesday and runs through Sunday at the Alliant Energy Center, some competitions were held early. Nearly 130 youths, from third-graders to recent high school graduates participated in shooting sports this year, but not many tallied up the number of events Majors-Culp did.


Transformation in Sweden

Photos submitted. Oregon High School graduate Anna Wangen bakes traditional Christmas gingerbread cookies, or “pepparkakor.” Wangen spent 12 months in Sweden, time that had a profound effect on her. She returned in the last week of June.

The 12 months Oregon native Anna Wangen had spent in Sweden in the past year had a profound effect on her and opened a window to possibilities she’d never considered.

Wangen returned to the United States the last week in June after spending her time as a foreign exchange student in Lund, Sweden, a university town of roughly 100,000.

The 2013 Oregon High School graduate had been accepted to Lawrence University in Appleton but decided to defer admission for a year.

She spent much of that year “repeating” her final year of high school.

“They go to high school a year longer, so I was in the final class there and I graduated again,” Wangen explained.

“I took a guest year, and people here thought I was out of my mind when I decided not to go to college right away. Then I got there, and nobody knew what they were going to do after they graduated.

Everyone takes at least one year off before continuing their studies. They all go travel.”


Brooklyn Police Officer recognized for two awards

Photos submitted. Wade Engelhart stands with Brodhead Police Chief Tom Moczynsk, president of the Green County Law Enforcement Administrators Association..

Officer Wade Engelhart of the Brooklyn Police Department was recently recognized for his law enforcement service.

The Oregon-Brooklyn-McFarland Veterans of Foreign Wars Post No. 10272 presented Officer Engelhart with the 2013 “Police Officer of the Year” award on June 9 at the Village of Brooklyn Board of Trustees meeting. An inscription on the plaques reads: “In grateful recognition of unyielding adherence to the highest ideal of law enforcement in maintaining, preserving and protecting the lawful rights of all citizens.”

The VFW also recognized David Dorn as the Brooklyn EMT of the Year and Alton Erickson as the Brooklyn Firefighter of the Year.

Engelhart was also recognized by the Green County Law Enforcement Administrators Association as the 2013 Officer of the Year in recognition of “professional and outstanding performance.”


Love in Limbo: Oregon same-sex couple marries, waits for legal resolution

Photos by Scott Girard. Mike Brant, left, and Josh Sebranek stand in front of their house in Oregon with their 5-year-old daughter Ella. The couple married June 6, but is now in a legal limbo after U.S. District Judge Barbara Crabb issued a stay one week later on her decision to legalize same-sex marriage in Wisconsin.

Mike Brant and Joshua Sebranek knew they were getting married in 2014.

They just weren’t sure whether it would be in the state where they live.

The couple had already bought plane tickets to California for October because same-sex marriage is legal there and they were ready. But thanks to U.S. District Judge Barbara Crabb’s June 6 decision to overturn the gay marriage ban in Wisconsin, at least for a week, they got married just a 20-minute drive from their home.

“It was perfect,” Brant said. “I’m so thankful we had that opportunity.”

One week later, they were left in legal limbo after Crabb put a stay on her decision without clearly indicating whether the more than 550 same-sex couples who had received marriage licenses over the week were still legally married.

Brant and Sebranek said they expected Crabb’s stay order, and it doesn’t change how happy they are to have finally had their marriage recognized, even if it was briefly.


Familiar face at Art Fair Off the Square

Photo submitted. Above is one of the glass mosaic pieces Jillian Cori Lippert has made.

If you’re planning a stroll through the Art Fair Off the Square in Madison this weekend, you might notice a local artist.

Jillian Cori Lippert, owner of “A Touch of Glass,” will be located in booth 30, near the intersection of Wilson Street and Martin Luther King Boulevard. Lippert is a glass artist specializing in mosaics, as well as fused glass work.

“It all started with a mosaic stepping stone class hosted by The Vinery Glass at the Madison Garden Expo,” she said. “My stone broke when we were unmolding it, so I went to the store to make another.  I ended up signing up for several classes before I left that evening.”

Lippert has never considered herself “crafty” and hadn’t taken an art class since middle school, but something about working with glass resonated for her. It didn’t take long for her to run out of family and friends to gift with her glass creations, so she soon began selling them.


Christian joins UNG staff

Samantha Christian has joined the staff of Unified Newspaper Group.

The Watertown native comes to UNG after three years covering her hometown area with the Watertown Daily Times, where she was the chief photographer and a feature writer. Christian will be the community reporter for all of UNG’s publications – the Fitchburg Star, Oregon Observer, Verona Press and Stoughton Courier Hub. She will also take a lead role in photographing events, so expect to see her out and about frequently.

Christian succeeds Victoria Vlisides, who left UNG to spend a year teaching in Japan.

Christian, a 2010 St. Norbert graduate, has also worked at Wisconsin Trails Magazine and at the St. Norbert Times. She lives near Fitchburg and enjoys outdoor activities, tennis, photography and writing.