Letters to the Editor


School Referendum: Comprehensive, communicated, compelling


Referenda will help Oregon compete with other districts

On Nov. 4, the current generation of Oregon will have an opportunity to leave a legacy and shape the future. 

The referendum on the ballot is several years in the making, is the result of intense collaboration and input from a wide variety of stakeholders and offers an incredibly high return on investment for taxpayers. 

A successful referendum will result in a district that can compete and win against other local school districts for current and future enrollment as well as enhance property values of school district homeowners.

Now is the time to vote “Yes”. Our school district is aligned on a Yes vote, as the Board, Administration and Education Association all want this referendum to pass. The business community is a Yes vote, evidenced by endorsements from the Oregon Chamber of Commerce and the Oregon Rotary Club.


Referenda: become informed and vote

I am writing this letter in support of the school referenda scheduled for a vote on Nov. 4.

The capital referendum addresses the needs of our district. The board of education and administrative team have been very diligent in getting input from a variety of shareholders in the district  to determine the highest priorities to put before the voters. This professional and conscientious approach has gained my trust and I am confident that a successful referendum will put in place the improvements that will significantly enhance our educational programs.

This will ensure that all of our children will get the best education available.

A key factor in any referendum is having informed voters. Please take the time to understand what is included and why it is something that is needed, and not just an item off of a wish list.  


Ringhand supports higher education

As a current college student, the cost of my education is something that’s on my mind nearly every day.

I’ve had to take out student loans in order to further my education. I worry about the debt I will have hanging over my head as I enter the professional world.  

Thankfully, in this legislative session Rep. Janis Ringhand has been working to make student loans more manageable and affordable.  She co-sponsored the “Higher Ed, Lower Debt” bill that allows borrowers to refinance their loans.

This is my top concern – you may have others. The fact is Janis cares what your concerns are and will take time to listen. She has a proven record of assertive leadership that will cut through the noise at the capitol. Her steady hand is much needed in the state senate.  


Voter ID speaker at OSD showed bias

Are you sending your children to school or to a biased political forum?

The Oregon School District recently held a mandatory assembly through the Social Studies classes. Our children were told it was going to be on voting history and the importance of voting. It went way beyond that. Beth Cox, a judge here in Oregon, spoke directly to our children about a big political issue as well. She gave a very pressured speech with leading statements about the importance of dropping all voter ID at the toll booths.

We feel Beth Cox has used her position in our community to her political advantage. She has also chosen an opportune time to do it with the elections right around the corner. Beth Cox, our public servant, is supposed to be a person we can trust to be just and fair. She deliberately targeted the most inexperienced, receptive voters, our children. This is unacceptable, immoral, irresponsible behavior.


Vogeler has been a blessing to OSD

I want to community of Oregon to know they have someone very special on the Oregon School Board. Her name is Rae Vogeler.

Vogeler sincerely cares about the Students in the OSD and doesn’t shy away from supporting and advocating for them and their families.

She is one of those rare Public Servants who sincerely cares about her constituents. She believes all students in our community should have a voice and deserve a chance to succeed in the OSD.

I have personally witnessed her passion to help and advocate for students and their families when they need someone to listen to their concerns and take them seriously. She is not afraid to speak up on their behalf, even if it is unpopular with OSD administration or fellow school board members. She does this because it’s the right thing to do.

We are fortunate to have a great school district in Oregon. But, even in the best school districts, problems do arise.


Village lucky to have Staton

As many of you know, the Village of Oregon has concluded their investigation of former police chief Doug Pettit.

The investigation remains ongoing by the Wisconsin Department of Justice, to include felony misconduct in public office.

I feel that Village President Steve Staton deserves an enormous amount of credit regarding the leadership and forthrightness he exhibited throughout this matter. Staton did not back down or pretend that something very wrong was not occurring as I experienced with the law enforcement committee in 1993.

I worked with Pettit for nine years. I witnessed his conduct that caused me ethical and legal concerns to the degree that I notified each member of the law enforcement committee.

For the sake of brevity my concerns were ignored. I attempted to solicit support from fellow officers at that time who had approached me previously with their concerns in my capacity as their supervisor.


Thanks for playing pick-up soccer this summer

Thanks to everyone that came out to the Wednesday evening adult pick up soccer games this summer.  

They were great fun and we will do it again next summer!

It was very good to meet so many new people.

Christine Johnston
Village of Oregon


Pettit made village a safe place to live

I have lived in the Village of Oregon for over 20 years. During that time, chief Pettit has always been chief Pettit and the village has doubled in size.

This is a very safe community.  It is a community in which people talk to each other in front of their houses, across their streets and stop in the shops.  It is a community in which people look out for each other and help in many, many ways.  It is a community run on many volunteers who give lots of their time and effort to keep it such a wonderful place.

I’m not going to pretend that I know what all of the incidents that chief Pettit and his department are/were being investigated on are.  I’m certainly not going to pretend that I understand the ramifications of some of the actions that have gotten into the press.  


Thanks for supporting National Night Out

I want to thank all the businesses and organizations that assisted in making National Night Out a huge success by setting up a booth and participating in a safe and fun community night out!

I also want to thank all the volunteers and monetary supporters that helped make this event possible.

These community events could not be possible without your assistance. A large thank you goes to all the community members that attended the event.

Thank you for partnering with the community to help keep Oregon safe.

Officer Cindy Neubert
Oregon Police Department