Letters to the Editor


Library can help students, adults beat test anxiety

remember how nervous I used to get before taking exams. It was difficult to sleep the night before, so I would stay up studying and memorizing timelines, people, dates and facts. 

My brothers and I were good students who studied and tried hard. However, all of us were anxious about exams. There were always high expectations for our end-of-semester report cards. 

Our teachers would hand them to us and tell us to give them to our parents. Of course, we would look at them on the walk home. A few of us would practically fly home with smiles and good news, while another few would slowly drag feet down the sidewalk. 

No one wanted to disappoint our mother and especially not our father. Sometimes we didn’t make it to the top of the grading charts as our parents had hoped. 


Walking your dog shouldn’t be a drag

One common complaint I hear among dog owners is that their dog pulls on the leash during walks. 

I feel their pain, especially since Gandhi was once in the habit of using his 88 pounds of canine power to drag me around our trails. 

It hurt my knees and my arm to “walk” him as he lurched me along like a trailer with two flat tires. He pulled on me, I lost my balance and pulled back, and on we went. Neither of us was having much fun.

To Gandhi, I probably felt like excess baggage that he had to lug around in order to get where he was going. Dogs walk faster than humans, after all. Their natural gait is like a jog to the average person. 

To me it felt like my arm was about to rip away from my body, and with each awkward step must it have looked as if I were reenacting a scene from “Night of the Living Dead.”


Thanks for a decade of service to Brooklyn

I’d like to send a sincere thank you to the residents of Brooklyn for being their village president over the past 10 years.  

It has been an opportunity of a lifetime to lead the village through its transition from a village described as “sleeping,” to a community with a shovel-ready business park, weekly community activities created by the recreation committee “crew” and an economic development plan that is underway.

My unfulfilled goal is to bring jobs to Brooklyn, especially for the long time residents who have been hurt the most by the changes in the local and national economy. The work force here is excellent and the labor needs of a company will be well-met if they locate in the village business park.


Cowan: Thanks for election support

I would like to thank all of the Oregon community members who voted for me. Although unsuccessful in attaining a seat on the board this year I am ecstatic about the number of votes I received.  

I was close and to me that is a huge win, both professionally and personally. At first, it was nerve- racking to put myself out there into the public eye but now that I see there is nothing to be scared of, I feel a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and am excited to really dig in and make my mark on my hometown.

I learned a lot in this first go-around and I think that by continuing to do good things in the community and making an effort to learn more about the inner workings of the Village Board my chances to win a seat will drastically increase over time. 


McDole thanks OSD supporters

Dear voters in the Oregon School District,

We just finished a lively, challenging race for School Board. You have chosen to maintain the status quo for now. 

The current Board has had its challenges, and we can only hope they pull together to handle the challenges ahead with the upcoming state biennium budget. 

I thank all my supporters for their faith in my abilities, and offer my best wishes to all in the School District.

Marilyn McDole
Village of Oregon


Thanks for supporting OHS math

On behalf of the mathematics department at Oregon High School, I want to thank all of the students, parents, and community members who took part in our Pi Day eve festivities on Friday, March 13.  

Pi Day, 3/14, is an opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of mathematics in our lives, and to experience the beauty of mathematics.

I want to give a special thank you to the local businesses that displayed a Pi Day message on their marquees.  

By supporting our school activities, you strengthen our entire community. Thank you very much for your ongoing support of the students in the Oregon School District.

Dave Ebert
Oregon High School


Library continues to move into the future

came across a quote recently from an unknown source. “You can’t expect to meet the challenges of today with yesterday’s tools and expect to be in business tomorrow.” 

This speaks to the constant technology changes required in many organizations today just stay current. This includes our libraries.

A few years ago, it seems, only books were available for checkout. Now there are movies on DVD and books on CD. Books on Tape are pretty much extinct. 

All the music is on CDs, not LPs anymore. In fact, a lot of people simply download the tunes they want onto their mobile devices. 

The Oregon Public Library, like so many other libraries, is keeping pace with these changes. 


Zach: Clarifying allegations in a letter

In a letter in last week’s Observer, Ms. Shedivy claims that I refused to have the Board’s bargaining committee meet with the teachers’ union during the 2013-2014 contract negotiations. 

That is not true. 

The Human Assets Committee, which I chaired then, met with the union in October 2013 to negotiate a collective bargaining agreement. Act 10 mandated that the only thing the Board could negotiate with the union was wages. In October 2013, the Committee offered the maximum pay increase of 2.07 percent that the law would allow. The union finally agreed to take that increase in May 2014. 

The Committee offered in October 2013 to meet with the union at any time on any topic not subject to the collective bargaining process.


Cowan a 'dynamic connector of people'

I feel that the village would benefit from the leadership of Ben Cowan were he to be elected trustee. Ben is a dynamic connector of people.

You only have to sit with him for a few minutes of brainstorming and you see his wheels turning, generating new ideas and "what if" scenarios that could move the village forward.


Ace brings real-world experience

I write today in support of the election of Wayne Ace for the position of town chair in the Town of Oregon. 

Wayne’s 18 years experience on the board will serve him and town residents well in the coming years. 

During my 10 years on the board, it has been apparent to me that Wayne is the go-to guy in several areas - from soundly researched  purchases of public works equipment, to being our board expert on road maintenance. 

He has been an excellent supervisor of our road crew and has demonstrated other leadership skills as well. Wayne knows the value of our taxpayer’s dollar, taking a well-measured position of being willing to spend those dollars for essential services, while being frugal as a general rule. 


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